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FAQ: How To Say Bible In French?

What is Bible called in French?

Le synonyme de Bible?

What does Bible mean in French?

Bibi biberons
bibliographiques bibliophile

How do you say it is 12 45 in French?

The French translation for “quarter to one (12:45)” is une heure moins le quart.

How do you say 7/30 in French?

Il est sept heures et demie.

(It’s 7:30.)

How do you say 42 in French?

Here are the French Numbers 41-50.

French Numbers 41-50.

Number French Spelling Pronunciation
42 quarante-deux kuh-rawnt-duhr
43 quarante-trois kuh-rawnt-twah
44 quarante-quatre kuh-rawnt-katr
45 quarante-cinq kuh-rawnt-sank

What is the best French Bible?

Among Catholics, the most notable contemporary French translation is La Bible de Jérusalem, available in English as The Jerusalem Bible, which appeared first in French in 1954 and was revised in 1973.

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What does Buble mean in French?

There is no such word as ‘bublé‘ in French. The French for bubble is ‘bulle’.

How do you count from 1 to 100 in French?

Counting to 100 in French Lyrics. Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf

How do you say 10 30 in French?

The French translation for “half past ten (10:30)” is dix heures et demie.

How do you say 3 30 in French?

The French translation for “half past three (3:30)” is trois heures et demie. The French, trois heures et demie, can be broken down into 4 parts:”3 (three)” (trois), “hours; o’clock” (heures), “and” (et) and “half (feminine)” (demie).

How do you say 30 in French?

To make things easier for you we’ve broken down the numbers in to smaller sections.

French Numbers.

Number French Spelling Pronunciation
21 vingt et un vahn-tay-ahn
30 trente trawnt
31 trente et un trawnt-tay-ahn
40 quarante kuh-rawnt

How do you say 9 in French?

Here are the French Numbers 1-10. We’ve given a rough pronunciation but if your want to hear how it sounds make sure to play the video below.

French Numbers 1-10.

Number French Spelling Pronunciation
8 huit wheet
9 neuf nurf
10 dix deese

How do you say 7 45 in French?

Le déjeuner est servi à 12.15 (douze heures quinze) et le diner à 19.45 (dix-neuf-heures quarante-cinq). (Lunch is served at 12:15, and dinner at 7:45.)

How do you say 39 in French?

Here are the French Numbers 31-40. We’ve given a rough pronunciation but if your want to hear how it sounds make sure to play the video.

French Numbers 31-40.

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Number French Spelling Pronunciation
36 trente-six trawnt-seese
37 trente-sept trawnt-set
38 trente-huit trawnt-wheet
39 trente-neuf trawnt-nurf

How do you say 1000 in French?

When talking about “one hundred” or “one thousand” in French, we don’t say the “one”, we only say “cent” and “mille”. However when talking about “one million”, “one billion” we do say the one: “un million, un milliard”.

How do you count to 30 in French?

The other numbers are joined by a hyphen, like in English. Twenty-two is vingt-deux, thirty-four is trente-quatre, and sixty-seven is soixante-sept.

Numbers in French: 21-69.

Number In French Pronunciation
29 vingt-neuf van nuhf
30 trente tront
31 trente et un tront ay uh
32 trente-deux tront duh
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