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Question: What Is Precept Bible Study?

What is a precept in the Bible?

The definition of a precept is a guiding principle or rule that is used to control, influence or regulate conduct. An example of a precept is a commandment found in the Ten Commandments.

What is inductive Precept Bible study?

Precept uses the inductive method of bible study, digging deep into the richness of God’s word. The inductive study method is an investigative approach to the Bible using three basic components: Observation Interpretation and Application. Individual study is the first step.

What is a precept class?

Students have the opportunity to engage their classmates and course materials even more closely in precepts, which are small discussion groups that meet weekly to further explore the readings and topics of a particular course.

How do I study the Bible Precept Ministries?

How to Study Your Bible

  1. carefully observe Scripture to see what it says and develop its context.
  2. accurately interpret the Word to understand its meaning.
  3. apply truths to your life that you may glorify God.
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What are the 5 moral precepts?

The five moral precepts

  • to refrain from taking life, ie killing any living creature.
  • to refrain from taking what is not freely given, ie theft.
  • to refrain from misuse of the senses or sexual misconduct, ie overindulgence in sex or committing sexual offences.
  • to refrain from wrong speech, ie lying or gossiping.

What are some of God’s precepts?

God’s Statutes:

  • Love God (with your heart, soul, and might) – by loving God in such a way, everything else will follow.
  • Listen to God’s voice and His commandments.
  • Seek God entirely; focus on His commandments.
  • Do what God considers to be right; walk in God’s ways.
  • Obey God’s laws, testimonies, and righteous rules.
  • Commit no wrong.

What does it mean to precept someone?

1: a command or principle intended especially as a general rule of action. 2: an order issued by legally constituted authority to a subordinate official. Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More about precept.

How do you use precept in a sentence?

Precept in a Sentence

  1. The school’s honesty precept dictates we only turn in our own work.
  2. In order to be a good parent, you must lead by precept so your kids will view you as a role model.
  3. Lawyers are supposed to follow a strict precept of ethics.

What is the meaning of Precept upon precept?

The meaning is, ‘there is a constant repetition of the command, without ornament, imagery, or illustration; without an appeal to our understanding, or respect for our reason; it is simply one mandate after another, just as lessons are inculcated upon children. ‘

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What is the synonym of precept?

Some common synonyms of precept are canon, law, ordinance, regulation, rule, and statute.

How do you Inductively study the Bible?


  1. Remember what you read–not just move your eyes over the page.
  2. Know the main point of a passage and be able to consicly communicate that point.
  3. Understand the message intended by the author.
  4. Better apply Scripture to every day living.

How should you study the Bible?

Write out ideas or verses or thoughts that come into mind as you read. Think “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How.” Answer every possible question under each category. Compare your findings with what you know the Bible teaches. Then look them over and pray about it.

Who wrote Psalm 119?

Psalm 119 is the 119th psalm of the Book of Psalms, beginning in English in the King James Version: “Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord”.

Psalm 119
Language Hebrew (original)

How do you write a chapter study?

How to Study a Chapter of the Bible

  1. Step 1 – Read the chapter through several times.
  2. Step 2 – Read an introduction to your book in a good bible resource.
  3. Step 3 – Read your chapter through again more carefully looking to summarize its contents.
  4. Step 4 – Summarize the chapter and apply it to your life.
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