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Readers ask: Why I Left Harvest Bible Chapel?

What religion is Harvest Church?

The Riverside-based Harvest Christian Fellowship will be joining the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant body that has about 15 million members. The Rev. Greg Laurie, pastor and founder of the 15,000-member Harvest, announced the move in June.

Who started Harvest Bible Chapel?

For 30 years, Dr. James MacDonald served as the founding and senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and for more than 20 years as the Bible teacher of his broadcast ministry, Walk in the Word.

What does Harvest Church believe?

The Godhead and Divine Revelation

We believe God is one Being existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the Sovereign, the Creator, and the Sustainer of all things. God is the source and the end of all truth.

What is the harvest in the Bible?

You see, the symbolic meaning of harvest in Scripture encompasses two main areas: God’s provision for us and God’s blessing for others. While we celebrate a harvest season just once a year, we experience the spirit of harvest all the time. Our spouses and children belong to the Lord of the harvest. It’s all his.

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Did Greg Laurie lose a son?

Christopher Laurie, the son of Harvest Christian Fellowship leader Greg Laurie, died Thursday in an auto accident in Riverside County, the church announced Thursday. Laurie’s station wagon collided with a Caltrans truck involved in roadwork in the carpool lane.

What denomination is vertical church?

Vertical Worship, previously known as Vertical Church Band, is a contemporary Christian and worship band from Chicago, Illinois as part of the Harvest Bible Chapel.

What happened at Harvest Bible Chapel?

MacDonald was fired for displaying “inappropriate language, anger, and domineering behavior,” according to the post, signed by nine elders of the church. His firing came amid turmoil in the church, which had taken on massive debt while expanding across northern Illinois, the Midwest and into Florida.

Is vertical worship biblical?

Vertical Worship’s Spirit of the Living God is highly biblical, with some vagueness regarding why He moves us to tears. It would also improve to include some of His properties, acts, and role in the Trinity.

Who is Dallas Jenkins father?

Jenkins’ father is Jerry B. Jenkins, a Christian novelist best known for the Left Behind series, one of the highest selling book series of all time, selling over 60 million copies.

Is Harvest Bible Chapel a denomination?

Harvest Bible Chapel is an Evangelical Christian megachurch in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Founded in 1988, it has grown to seven campuses in the Chicago metropolitan area.

What big church is in Riverside California?

Harvest Christian Fellowship is a megachurch in Riverside, California.

What is the difference between reaping and harvesting?

Harvesting is the process of gathering a ripe crop from the fields. Reaping is the cutting of grain or pulse for harvest, typically using a scythe, sickle, or reaper. The term “harvesting” in general usage may include immediate postharvest handling, including cleaning, sorting, packing, and cooling.

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How does a farmer prepare for harvest?

Tilling or tillage means to prepare the soil and make a good seed bed in which to plant the seed. Tillage normally begins after the last crop is harvested. The farmer uses a disc that he pulls behind his tractor. He may also put out fertilizer, or plant food, that will help the crop grow.

What happens during harvest time?

During this stage, the fruit transforms from small, green, hard berries into what we recognize as grapes. They begin to lose their bright green color and transform into more mature hues of translucent gold for white varieties and purple-ruby tones for red varieties.

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