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Often asked: Who Is Jeroboam In The Bible?

Biblical background. Jeroboam was the son of Nebat, a member of the Tribe of Ephraim of Zereda. His mother, named Zeruah (צרוע “leprous”) was a widow. He had at least two sons, Abijah and Nadab, who succeeded him on the throne.

Who is Jeroboam and what did he do?

Jeroboam (“increase of the people”), the son of Nebat, (1 Kings 11:26-39), was the first king of the break-away ten tribes or Kingdom of Israel, over whom he reigned for 22 years.

Who was Jeroboam the son of?

Jeroboam II The record in 2 Kings 14:23–25 states that his kingdom extended from the borders of Hamath (now Ḥamāh, Syria) on the Orontes River to the Dead Sea, and it seems clear that he recovered territory in Transjordania which had long been in the hands of Damascus.

Was Jeroboam a real person?

Jeroboam reigned for 22 years. William F. Albright has dated his reign from 922 to 901 BC, while Edwin R. Thiele offers the dates 931 to 910 BC.

Why did Jeroboam hide in Egypt?

Jeroboam had fled to Egypt decades prior to the war after Solomon tried to kill him following prophecies by Yahweh (1 Kings 11:9-13) and Ahijah (1 Kings 11:29-39) that God wanted Jeroboam to rule over ten of the twelve Tribes of Israel, and lived under the protection of the pharaoh Shishak, probably Shoshenq I.

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Who is Solomon’s son?

Upon Solomon’s death, his son, Rehoboam, succeeds him. However, ten of the Tribes of Israel refuse to accept him as king, splitting the United Monarchy in the northern Kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam, while Rehoboam continues to reign over the much smaller southern Kingdom of Judah.

Was Jeroboam king of Judah or Israel?

Jeroboam I (10th century bce), the first king of the north, now called Israel (the kingdom in the south was called Judah ), appreciated the inextricable link of Jerusalem and its sanctuary with the Davidic claim to divine election to kingship over all of Israel (the…

What does the name Jeroboam mean?

Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Jeroboam is: He that opposes the people.

Are there two Jeroboam in the Bible?

In the Bible His name occurs in the Old Testament only in 2 Kings; 1 Chronicles; Book of Hosea; and Book of Amos. In all other passages it is Jeroboam I, the son of Nebat that is meant.

Who reigned after Solomon?

After Solomon died (922 bce), he was succeeded by Rehoboam, who proved to be unfit for the task of reigning.

What did ahijah say to Jeroboam?

So when Ahijah heard the sound of her footsteps at the door, he said, ” Come in, wife of Jeroboam. Why this pretense? I have been sent to you with bad news. Go, tell Jeroboam that this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: `I raised you up from among the people and made you a leader over my people Israel.

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What happened to Solomon’s riches?

When King Solomon’s Temple was captured and destroyed by the Babylonians in 597 and 586 B.C., the coveted artefact disappeared forever. Some of the treasures were hidden in Israel and Babylonia, while others were delivered into the hands of the angels Shamshiel, Michael and Gabriel.

What tribe is Jesus from?

In Matthew 1:1–6 and Luke 3:31–34 of the New Testament, Jesus is described as a member of the tribe of Judah by lineage. Revelation 5:5 also mentions an apocalyptic vision of the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Did Goliath really exist?

It is one of the most enduring battles in history: the story of a simple shepherd boy who slays a Philistine giant and goes on to become king. But short of finding his bronze armour or a skull with a pebble-sized hole, historians may never prove that Goliath ever existed.

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